Monday, September 7, 2015


Olivia and Jaxon being Pugs are prone to get ear infections. I really like to stay proactive in keeping their ears clean to avoid any ear infections. It makes Olivia and Jaxon more comfortable when they have clean ears. Even if they do not like having it done.
Ear cleaning time again. No Way! Will I get a Treat?
Jaxon tends to have more ear issues than Olivia does. I know it is time for cleaning when he starts shaking his head like crazy. In general I try to clean their ears at bath time weekly and as needed if I notice their ears seem to be bothering them.

Natural Rapport Dog Ear Cleaner is made from Natural products and no harsh chemicals. I hate using chemicals on my babies. It has a slight lemon or citrus odor and is simple to use. Just put some on a cotton ball and wipe the inside of the ear. In my house this does take two people because Olivia and Jaxon hate dirty ears but also hate having them cleaned.

The Natural Rapport Dog Ear Cleaner dries quickly and leaves Olivia and Jaxon’s ears clean and smelling fresh. Using this once a week or whenever I notice them having ear problems will keep them out of the vets office for sure.   
We got our ears cleaned where is our TREAT?
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DISCLAIMER – I received this product at reduced rate in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.

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