Sunday, February 28, 2016



The AYL TF89 Bright 900 Lumens Cree XML T6 LED Tactical Torch Flashlight is great. This is a very nice and handy flashlight. It is sliver in color and lightweight being made from aluminum.

The Flashlight has 5 modes: High beam, Medium Beam, Low Beam, Strobe and SOS.

The flashlight is water resistant so it can be used in the rain. It comes with a hand loop to ensure you do not lose it or drop it. It runs off 3 AAA batteries or a special single battery (you can order on Amazon). Be sure to have batteries on hand when you get yours.

The flashlight too a little practices for me to toggle between the different modes. I was pushing the on/off button too hard and would turn it off. To toggle between modes lightly press the on/off button in not all the way. If you click, it you have turned it off missed the toggle.

The flashlight also has a telescopic lens so you can zoom in on something you are trying to see. The 900 lumens are super bright and make it easy to see in the darkest conditions. My son loves this flashlight for his scout camping box. It is great.
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The Pet Loves Premium Dog Leash is great.  The leash is a nice length at 6ft.  It is very well made and sturdy. It comes in several colors. I love the bright vibrant red of my leash. It goes well with Olivia's color.  

The leash is very well made.  It gives me plenty of room when walking Olivia.  The handle is comfortable to for me when I am walking her.  

This leash is great for my medium sized pug but would be awesome for even larger dogs. It is a high quality well made leash. 

Check out this leash on  PetsLover club's website today

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Saturday, February 27, 2016



 The Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls with Clips and Whistles by GoodDog are great.  The set comes with 3 bowls in bright bold colors. 
The Bowls are made of food grade silicone and collapse down to nothing almost.  They are very lightweight and hold cups of water when full.  The bowls have a carabineer on them to allow you to hook them to your leash or backpack.
This bowl is perfect for my pugs when we are away from home.  The bowl has a large enough opening for them to get then pug faces into to reach the water even at the bottom of the bowl.
The set comes with some extras.  It has a color coordinated whistle and a GoodDog sticker.  The whistle is not the best dog whistle I have used before but it does work to get my pugs attention while walking.  The kids had fun with the whistles.  

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Monday, February 22, 2016


Olivia and Jaxon got to puppy sit their new cousin, Sadie this weekend.  It was so much fun.  Olivia, Jaxon and Sadie were some tuckered out pups.

Sadie is a 6 week old blue fawn pit puppy

Here is Olivia meeting Sadie. 

I let Olivia meet Sadie first then brought in Jaxon. 

Too much fun! 

Olivia says wait that's my toy!

They were sad to see her go but it sure tuckered them out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The Gordon Wear Dog Leash and Collar set is a great set. The color is bright and beautiful. The leash and collar are made from nylon. It is very soft and flexible. The stitching on the leash and collar is nice and no flaws were found when examined.

Olivia looking Good.

The Leash - The handled as extra padding with neoprene, which helps make it much more comfortable if you have a dog that pulls on the leash. The clip on the leash if very strong and durable but easy to open and close. The handled as a O ring on it that allows you to clip your keys to the leash or hang it up when not in use. The leash Is about 6 feet in length.

The Collar – The collar is a well-made. It is adjustable to make sure you get the best fit. The D ring is secured nicely to the collar. I choose the medium collar for my pug, which is ¾ inches in width and can be adjusted between 12 to 19 ½ inches in circumference. The buckle on the collar snaps with a loud click which I love so I can ensure its it secure.

Purchase your Leash and Collar Set on Amazon.

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 Seat Belt Only            Fully extended leash and Seat Belt        Leash as Seat belt

The Dog Seat Belts by PetsBFF are great. Pet owners need to realize pets need to be secured in a car just like kids are to be safe. The dog seat belt leashes do this nicely.

How it works - This set of seat belt leashes work easily. Simply click them into the seat belt buckle of the seat they will be sitting in and hook it to the collar of dog harness.

Provides Safety – The seat belt leash ensures you pet rides safely in the car with you. This way if there is accident or you have to break suddenly you pet will not be flung all over the car. It also helps keep your pet out of danger that might be lurking in your car. My Olivia loves to eat whatever she finds she would be happy chomping down on anything found lying in my car if she could get to it. It keeps her from hindering my driving by trying to climb into my lap or around the brake and gas peddle. I am not having to take my eyes of the road to check on the pugs. It also allows me to open my car door and not worry about the pugs bolting out the door into a parking lot.
Zipper Pocket

The PetsBFF comes with a short seat belt leash but what I was really impressed with is it comes with a seat belt leash that doubles a regular seat belt.  The leash is designed so that it can be extended into a regular size leash. The part that buckles tucks into a wrap around at the handle. This is a great design.  Instead of having to have a leash attached and a seat belt leash attached It is all in one. That just makes less items I have to carry around.

Way to go PETSBFF.

The Dog Seat belt leash makes traveling in the car with my pugs a nicer experience. I am not worrying about the pugs safety in the car.

Get your pets a Seat belt Leash on Amazon.

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Friday, February 12, 2016



  The bowl is made from stainless steel and has a rubber base to ensure it does not slide. It holds 32 ounces of food or water so that is good size. 

A rubber non-slip bottom is something I need, as my pugs tend to push their bowls all over the kitchen. Now with the non-slip bottom it stays in place.

The bowl holds 32 ounces of food, which is plenty for my pugs, but it gives them room to root around for their favorite pieces which they like to eat first.

The stainless steel material the bowl is made of makes it easy to clean up with warm soapy water and a rinse. It can be used in the dishwasher but I like to rinse my bowls daily to ensure they are clean.

I also love the way the sides of the bowl are designed. I finally have a dog bowl that Olivia cannot drop in my lap when she decides she is ready for an early dinner or a snack.


Check out the Blue bowl here on AMAZON

GPet's also has stainless steel bowls with paw prints on the sides they are very nice also.
Olivia is trying to get some of Jaxon's Dinner too.

Check out the Paw Print Stainless steel bowl on AMAZON.

Now to find a bowl that they do not throw the brown triangles out of though. 

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The Mavel Top Cool Rubber Dog Chew Toy for aggressive chewers has held up well with my pugs. Jaxon and Olivia are very aggressive chewers. This bone is a favorite of Olivia’s. She loves chewing on it. Jaxon was not as keen on it until Olivia started enjoying it then he was intent to DESTROY.
It says it is bacon flavored. When I first opened it up there was a not so nice rubber or plastic smell I rinsed it off in the sink with soap and water and that made it more appealing to Olivia. I do not get the aroma of bacon but Olivia sure seems to enjoy it.
 I like this bone is easily cleaned with soap and water when it gets grimy. This keeps Olivia satisfied.

The toy is white and red in color and has spikes all over it. She really loves chewing on her new bone. Jaxon is indifferent to this bone he only seems interested when Olivia gets going on it.

Purchase your Top Cool Rubber Dog Chew Toy on Amazon.

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