Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dog Waste Bags by PETS Review


This is definitely not anyone’s favorite job but it is a necessity nonetheless. These Dog Waste bags by PETS come in 4 colors if you want to coordinate them with your leash.

 They come with a bone shaped holder that clips to you leash. No more putting poop bags in your purse until needed. The bags are lightweight but very durable. No one wants a busted poop bag in his or her hands.

The bags are a good size. I have two pugs I have to pick up after and one bag is good for them both on a walk together. The bags are easy to tie up and dispose of. They are thick enough that no odor is detected even if we are still walking after the clean-up is done.

Purchase your Dog Waste Bags by Pets on AMAZON HERE.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

3-In-1 Pet Groomer Review

The Chillaxed Pet 3-in-1 pet groomer works great. This glove makes groomer so much easier. The mitt is designed to be used easily with either side there is a handy opening to put your thumb through on both sides. 

It is versatile. The glove has a mitt on one side and rubber tip like combs on the other side. I love bathing my two pugs with this mitt. It really helps to work in the shampoo and remove excess hair while bathing them. The one side is washcloth like to let you really lather them up well. The rubber tip side helps you remove the excess hair and clean their skin well. 

The mitt is also designed to be used as a brush in between baths to remove any excess hair and keep shedding at a minimum. 

This mitt works with your favorite dog shampoos to keep your dog clean and looking great.

Look at all that lather. I love the mitt I cannot say Olivia and Jaxon love it. They are not fond of bath time. The thing they love about the mitt is it makes bath time much faster.  

Get your own Chillaxed Pet 3-in-1 Groomer on AMAZON HERE.

Disclaimer – I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.


The 4LoveDogs Stainless Steel 32-ounce dog bowls are great. I have two pugs, Olivia and Jaxon. These bowls help keep their mess tamed.
Olivia and Jaxon both have their favorite pieces of food from their kibble. Often breakfast and dinnertime are a hot mess as they pick out the pieces they want to eat first leaving the other tidbits all around their bowls. With this 32-ounce bowl they have room to root around and find their favorites and do not have to drop food all outside their bowls.

Olivia often likes to take her bowl on long walks around the house hoping for a refill. Well the 4Lovedogs bowls is shaped so that she cannot pick it up and walk around with it. Win for Momma.

The Rubber base also keeps her from pushing it around the kitchen and into people to get their attention.

I love feeding them from the stainless steel bowl, as it is healthier and better than plastic bowls. These are great bowls for any pets.

Purchase your Dog bowls on AMAZON HERE.
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

DealZip Pet Pajama Review


The Dealzip Blue striped pajamas are adorable.  They are made from cotton and polyester and feel soft and comfortable to the touch.  They are super cute stripes on them and are not just a shirt but fit down all four legs. The pajamas have a cut out so that your doggy can go to potty if needed.  The back has a little pocked with a stuffed monkey head on it.  Let me say this was super cute but lasted all of 45 seconds once I let Jaxon go.

The stuffed Monkey head was too much for either of my pugs to resist. Jaxon was chasing it in a circle but it was Olivia who managed to grab on and there went the monkey head.

***Please be careful of the Monkey head it is too small for even my pugs to be allowed to play with it was almost swallowed in on gulp.****

Even without the Monkey on the back the pajamas are super cute, soft and cozy.  Jaxon wore them all evening and slept in them.
The Pjs held up great to being washed and dried. They still fit well and looked great.

Purchase your pet some Pajamas here on AMAZON

DISCLAIMER – I received this product at a no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this product.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

OxyLED 12 LED Pet UV Light Urine Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlight


I have two pugs that I am currently potty training. One is also a male who likes to mark his territory. The OXYLED Pet UV urine Detector helps to find all the places he may have marked that I did not see. It is key to getting this up to help keeping the pugs from peeing in the house. 
 The light is easy to use and works great. The light needs 3AAA batteries to work and it comes ready to go. I love it when a product comes with the needed batteries to work right out the box.

Simply click the UV light on and start your search for those annoying pee stains. It is best to have the room dark to see the stains with the light. 

I hope that one day I will not need to this to find pee stains as the pugs will go only outside but until then this helps me find any stains and keep my house odor free.

Get your Own UV light on AMAZON HERE.

DSICLAIMER – I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.



Jaxon and Olivia received a Collar from Hamilton Products to try out.  They received a greenish blue collar.  I must admit I was really impressed with this collar.  It is very well made.  The stitching is nice and there are no lose ends. The nylon is soft yet sturdy.  There will be no pulling off this collar.
I like that the buckle and D ring are not next to the skin this makes the collar more comfortable for the pugs to wear.
I love this color. I am trying to see who it looks better on to see who gets it.  What do you think? Who wears this collar better?
Olivia says dis My Necklace Jaxon!!!

Hamilton Products makes lots of great Pet Accessories from

Learn more about

Purchase your own

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Pug Squared: STARTWRITE HANDWRITING PRACTICE GIVEAWAY: STARTWRITE HANDWRITING PRACTICE GIVEAWAY Make your worksheets pop! Startwrite 6 includes easy to use yet robust design tools, so yo...

Thursday, October 8, 2015



Make your worksheets pop! Startwrite 6 includes easy to use yet robust design tools, so you can control colors and a variety of letter attributes. Add cute Border Art to highlight the word your students are learning. Insert Dotted Shapes so they can practice drawing squares, circles and triangles while they learn to write the words. 
So many options with this Program. Many templates to choose from.  Super for moms for home school their children. Teachers make up your own forms. 

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The Mountain Crest Tire Gauge is a very handy tool. It is a digital tire gauge with an all in one tool handle. I have had a few digital tire gauges and this one has some weight too it. I suspect this is because of the tools in the handle. I am not a tool expert. I am a single mother who has to take care of my car on my own. I love being able to use the digital tire pressure because I have had several of the old fashion ones break and the numbers wear down on them. The digital is very nice to have.

I keep this in my glove box. The tools in the handle come in very handy. Now I have read some reviews people talking about the quality of the tools. These are all in one tools and not individual so I admit the screwdriver is not as good as a normal size one but I do not carry tools in my car so this is great when I am in a jam. I can use the tools in the handle easily. I have noticed with some all in one’s type tool devices you pull one out and it will not stay out but these work well. They do not know try to close on you and are secured in the handle very well. The torch light is also helpful when you are out.

The one complaint I have is that the battery that runs the digital gauge is shipped inside the tool and as a result, my battery was dead when I received my gauge. I had to order a new battery for it. The battery should be inside the tool when shipped to and should be protected better to ensure the battery is working when it arrives.

For this Single Mother this works great as a tool to keep in my car for those unexpected things that pop up from time to time.
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Friday, October 2, 2015


Pug Squared is teaming up with ChatBooks to give two lucky winners an Instagram ChatBook of their very own. 

What is a Chatbook you ask? It is a great way to get your Instagram photos into a photo album. 
Two Winners from the USA will win a 60 Page Instagram Chatbook of your first 60 Instagram photos, Complete with captions. The memories you will have seeing those photos all together in one album. 

Click here to see Pug Squared's first album in their Instagram Series and read their review.

Check out Chatbooks on there website to learn more. 

Enter the giveaway via Giveaway tools below. 
Good Luck Everyone

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reviewsio - Try it today

I have recently found a wonderful new hobby that I love.  I have learned how to become a product reviewer on Amazon.  It is super fun to do and you can get some great products at a deeply discounted price or even for FREE.
Now do not think this is all cake cause nothing ever is.  A reviewer must put a lot of time into this hobby.  You have to find the deals (although I have a way to make that easier I tell you later in this post), It takes a lot of time and energy to use a product to see how it works and what you like or do not like about it and even ways you feel it could be made better.  Then you have to write a detailed review explaining all this.

So you do have to work at it but it can be so much fun getting products to try and maybe in things you have always wanted to try but not will to buy. 
Now getting products there is a great new site the helps put Amazon Sellers together with Amazon reviewers.  It is called


Simply sign up and start your new hobby as an AMAZON Reviewer.