Sunday, October 11, 2015

OxyLED 12 LED Pet UV Light Urine Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlight


I have two pugs that I am currently potty training. One is also a male who likes to mark his territory. The OXYLED Pet UV urine Detector helps to find all the places he may have marked that I did not see. It is key to getting this up to help keeping the pugs from peeing in the house. 
 The light is easy to use and works great. The light needs 3AAA batteries to work and it comes ready to go. I love it when a product comes with the needed batteries to work right out the box.

Simply click the UV light on and start your search for those annoying pee stains. It is best to have the room dark to see the stains with the light. 

I hope that one day I will not need to this to find pee stains as the pugs will go only outside but until then this helps me find any stains and keep my house odor free.

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DSICLAIMER – I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.

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