Sunday, October 18, 2015

DealZip Pet Pajama Review


The Dealzip Blue striped pajamas are adorable.  They are made from cotton and polyester and feel soft and comfortable to the touch.  They are super cute stripes on them and are not just a shirt but fit down all four legs. The pajamas have a cut out so that your doggy can go to potty if needed.  The back has a little pocked with a stuffed monkey head on it.  Let me say this was super cute but lasted all of 45 seconds once I let Jaxon go.

The stuffed Monkey head was too much for either of my pugs to resist. Jaxon was chasing it in a circle but it was Olivia who managed to grab on and there went the monkey head.

***Please be careful of the Monkey head it is too small for even my pugs to be allowed to play with it was almost swallowed in on gulp.****

Even without the Monkey on the back the pajamas are super cute, soft and cozy.  Jaxon wore them all evening and slept in them.
The Pjs held up great to being washed and dried. They still fit well and looked great.

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DISCLAIMER – I received this product at a no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this product.

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