Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rubber Dog Chew by Mavel Review and Giveaway

These babies are so sweet and innocent looking you say? 
Jaxon is known in our house as the Pug Toy Destroyer!
Olivia is his understudy!
They get an A+ in Toy Destruction.
Finding Toys that can last more than a few days can be hard.  The Top Cool Rubber Dog Chew Toy by Mavel is a great chew toy for my pugs.  The blue bone has lasted a week and shows no sign of wear and tear.

The bone is very durable and I like the design of the bone.  It has raised spikes to help with their teeth health and openings at both ends to add small hard treats to fall out during play.

The bone is hand washable to keep it clean in between play. It is big enough they can play with it together since they do EVERYTHING together or alone if they are in the mood.

  Olivia and Jaxon are very aggressive chewers and are professional

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Disclaimer – I received this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.

Stweart Freeze Dried Treat Review

Olivia and Jaxon go Crazy for Stewart Treats.
They love the Freeze Dried Turkey Livers.
I love that these treats are good for them.

Stewart Pro_Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats are made in the USA and are 100% raw liver.  The treats do not contain any additives or preservatives.

My pugs are food Crazed.  They love treats. I want to make sure they are healthy so I look for good quality treats that are good for them.

Nutritional Information on the Turkey Liver Treats

Ingredients: 100% Pure Turkey Liver

Guaranteed Analysis:
Minimum Protein 85%
Minimum Fat 2%
Maximum Fiber 2%
Maximum Moisture 5%

Calorie Content
Approximately 6 per treat

The treats are small and easy digestible.  Even with the few larger pieces I do not have to worry about them choking as they wolf them down.

The treats do not have a strong odor that makes me not want to open the container. 

Olivia and Jaxon go Pug Crazy for these treats.

Animal Heart Pendants Review


The Custom Animal Heart Pendant is amazing. The quality is outstanding. The pendant is about the size of a quarter. I chose the silver plated keychain pendant.

My pug Olivia is my heart and soul. She helps get me through the tough dark times. Having this heart pendant with me when she is not is wonderful. I can pull it out and look at it anytime I am down. It immediately brings a smile to my face.

Here is the photo as I emailed it to them.

Here is the Heart Pendant.

The photo of Olivia is under a glass dome that protects the photo and enhances it. It makes the photo seem larger without distorting any of her features. The glass is always scratch and chip resistant. I will treasure this forever.

back of the pendant
Animal Hearts Pendants website offers a variety of animal heart pendants from their gallery or you can get a custom made pendant of your pet.

Check them out at their website ANIMAL HEART PENDANTS.

Disclaimer - I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015



The Snug Baby Monitor for smart phones and tablets is the best thing ever. I am not using it for your normal baby watching as my baby is 17 years old. Ok, I did use it once to scare him, more on that later. I love this monitor. It allows me to check on my pugs throughout the day while I am away from home. 

This monitor has so many features. I can move the camera around if needed. It will turn 360 degrees and title it up and down. I can take photos of my babies while I am away or even video tape their antics. The monitor allows you to talk with your babies also.  

I work in a very stressful job and sometimes you just need a pick me up and being able to check in on my babies during the day is amazing. I am also a protective mother of them so I want to be sure that they are safe. 
I can even talk to my girl.

I have even had fun playing with my teenager. He happened to be home one day while I was checking on Olivia. He jumped sky high when I called out his name and told him to get out that freezer. I know Bad Momma. 

This monitor is great to keep up on your fur babies when you are not home or you house in general. Here is a video taken from the monitor. 

  **To record video you need to install an MicroSD card in the camera**

The monitor is very easy to set up once you download the app from google play or the apple store depending on your phone.

DISCLAIMER – I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this product.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


 TickledPet's Bully Sticks

The TickledPet All Natural Premium Bully sticks were at hit in the Pug home. TickledPet’s Bully sticks are 100% USA made product. I loved that the product listing even tell you the cows are raised in Colorado. I am a Pug Lover and my pugs are my babies. They only get treats and chews I trust.
Here is what they look like. Take a good look you will not be able to see them much after you hand them off to your pet.

What are bully sticks you ask? I know I did when I first heard of them. Of course you may be better off not knowing all the details.  The beef sticks are made from cow pizzle.  Now I could go into more detail about what pizzle actual is but some may not want to know others use google and do not be too shocked by what you see.

Bully sticks are a favorite of the pugs and mine. I love them because they give me a few minutes of peace when I need it. These bully sticks actually lasted about 10 minutes which with my pugs is amazing feet.

 Olivia and Jaxon where jumping for joy when I gave them their bully sticks and they went to their favorite spots and the devouring began. The sticks are a good size for my pugs in length and diameter. These bully sticks were not a nasty odor as some are which is a plus for me.  

Olivia and Jaxon loved these sticks and I loved I got to fold laundry without two pugs trying to help me out.

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Disclaimer – I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.