Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reviewsio - Try it today

I have recently found a wonderful new hobby that I love.  I have learned how to become a product reviewer on Amazon.  It is super fun to do and you can get some great products at a deeply discounted price or even for FREE.
Now do not think this is all cake cause nothing ever is.  A reviewer must put a lot of time into this hobby.  You have to find the deals (although I have a way to make that easier I tell you later in this post), It takes a lot of time and energy to use a product to see how it works and what you like or do not like about it and even ways you feel it could be made better.  Then you have to write a detailed review explaining all this.

So you do have to work at it but it can be so much fun getting products to try and maybe in things you have always wanted to try but not will to buy. 
Now getting products there is a great new site the helps put Amazon Sellers together with Amazon reviewers.  It is called


Simply sign up and start your new hobby as an AMAZON Reviewer.


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