Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The Mountain Crest Tire Gauge is a very handy tool. It is a digital tire gauge with an all in one tool handle. I have had a few digital tire gauges and this one has some weight too it. I suspect this is because of the tools in the handle. I am not a tool expert. I am a single mother who has to take care of my car on my own. I love being able to use the digital tire pressure because I have had several of the old fashion ones break and the numbers wear down on them. The digital is very nice to have.

I keep this in my glove box. The tools in the handle come in very handy. Now I have read some reviews people talking about the quality of the tools. These are all in one tools and not individual so I admit the screwdriver is not as good as a normal size one but I do not carry tools in my car so this is great when I am in a jam. I can use the tools in the handle easily. I have noticed with some all in one’s type tool devices you pull one out and it will not stay out but these work well. They do not know try to close on you and are secured in the handle very well. The torch light is also helpful when you are out.

The one complaint I have is that the battery that runs the digital gauge is shipped inside the tool and as a result, my battery was dead when I received my gauge. I had to order a new battery for it. The battery should be inside the tool when shipped to and should be protected better to ensure the battery is working when it arrives.

For this Single Mother this works great as a tool to keep in my car for those unexpected things that pop up from time to time.
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DISCLAIMER - I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I received no compensation for this review.

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