Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 Seat Belt Only            Fully extended leash and Seat Belt        Leash as Seat belt

The Dog Seat Belts by PetsBFF are great. Pet owners need to realize pets need to be secured in a car just like kids are to be safe. The dog seat belt leashes do this nicely.

How it works - This set of seat belt leashes work easily. Simply click them into the seat belt buckle of the seat they will be sitting in and hook it to the collar of dog harness.

Provides Safety – The seat belt leash ensures you pet rides safely in the car with you. This way if there is accident or you have to break suddenly you pet will not be flung all over the car. It also helps keep your pet out of danger that might be lurking in your car. My Olivia loves to eat whatever she finds she would be happy chomping down on anything found lying in my car if she could get to it. It keeps her from hindering my driving by trying to climb into my lap or around the brake and gas peddle. I am not having to take my eyes of the road to check on the pugs. It also allows me to open my car door and not worry about the pugs bolting out the door into a parking lot.
Zipper Pocket

The PetsBFF comes with a short seat belt leash but what I was really impressed with is it comes with a seat belt leash that doubles a regular seat belt.  The leash is designed so that it can be extended into a regular size leash. The part that buckles tucks into a wrap around at the handle. This is a great design.  Instead of having to have a leash attached and a seat belt leash attached It is all in one. That just makes less items I have to carry around.

Way to go PETSBFF.

The Dog Seat belt leash makes traveling in the car with my pugs a nicer experience. I am not worrying about the pugs safety in the car.

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DISCLAIMER – I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review.

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