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Olivia and Jaxon were jumping for joy when they saw the box of Annie Pooch Pops come in the mail. So, before we get to the good stuff that Olivia and Jaxon like and that is the taste testing.

Annie’s Pooch Pops is located in New Jersey. It has been in business and growing for over 15 years. WOW! All of Annie’s ingredients are 100% human grade ingredients. (Olivia and Jaxon said I still could not have any of their treats.)

So now Let’s get to the good stuff. The Taste Testing!

I must say I was super impressed with how Annie’s boxed their treats. Olivia and Jaxon received a Small Dog Happy meal and some Happy Holiday Cookies. (see photo below)

The Small Dog Happy Meal is so cute. It came with a hamburger, fries, a chicken wrap, and cookies. How cute is that, but hey where was the toy. Ha HA HA 

This looks like an adorable hamburger slider. Olivia and Jaxon devoured it so it gets 4 paws up from them. I do not like giving them big treats just because they are greedy and try to swallow it in one bite. I did need a knife to chop this up.

Chicken Wrap
It is really cute and looks like it has melted cheese on the top. Guess what is actually has chicken and cheese as ingredients in it. That is so one of Olivia’s favorite combination. Again, I did chop it up as she was trying to swallow it in one bite. They pugs forget to chew when they are excited about a treat. 

Doggie Fries
Oh My. This treat floored me. It actually smells like French fries. I could not believe it. It too has cheese in it while is Olivia’s favorite. These break up easily so there was no need to chop it up.

Yogurt Cookies
These were small cookies made with yogurt. That is another Olivia and Jaxon favorite. There were small enough that I did not need to break them up either.

Happy Holiday Cookies

This box is so festive looking with a puppy in a Santa hat on it. Several cookies in the box and they look like decorated sugar cookies in the box. These were Jaxon’s favorite because they have Peanut butter in them. He is crazy for anything-peanut butter. These break up easily so no need for me to chop them up. 

Pooch Pizza

They even got a Pooch Pizza Pie.  Again made with real cheese and sauce. How awesome is that.
 Olivia and Jaxon absolutely loved the treats for Annie’s Pooch Pops. Check out their website
Get your baby their own Happy Dog Meal or Christmas Cookies at
Annie’s Pooch Pops

Disclaimer - We received these products at no cost in exchange for our honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review. 

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