Monday, July 27, 2015


The Etherno Dog Frisbee is a quality dog toy. It is made from 100% food grade silicone so it is not harmful to my pugs. It is very durable which a must in my house with my pugs is.

 Jaxon my Black Pug is known as Jaxon the Pug Toy Destroyer. Don't let this photo fool you he will tear up some toys if he can.  Olivia is not as rough on toys.
We do not destroy things. NEVER!
This Frisbee I must admit was used more as a tug of war than for fetch. Just look at the video for proof.


My pugs are just over a year and still learning. Jaxon loves to play fetch. Olivia still thinks everything should be brought to her and then she plays keep away from you. This is the first Frisbee my pugs have really had fun with because of the silicone design. They have squished faces so picking up flag objects is a little difficult for them. Jaxon quickly learned he could paw up the Frisbee into a taco shape that made it easier to pick up.


Olivia and Jaxon did play tug of war with the Frisbee and it is still in great shape no tears or teeth marks. They love their new Etherno Dog Frisbee. I love that it is going to last and is easy to clean up when it gets messy.

Olivia had just as much fun chewing on the Frisbee once she got it away from Jaxon.

Pick up your own ETHERNO FRISBEE for your doggy on AMAZON HERE.

DISCLAIMER – I received the Etherno Dog Frisbee at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review it is based on the experience I had with my pugs with the Frisbee.

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