Sunday, July 19, 2015


Who wants to capture their baby's footprint? 
 Ok so my baby may be of the furry kind but I still want a keep sake while they are still puppies.  When I found the Baby Footprint Kit I had to look into doing this for Olivia and Jaxon.  I read up on it and spoke with someone there to ensure it would be safe for the pugs.  After talking with my vet too I was convinced that this would be a great project to print their sweet little paws.  Hopefully they would agree and let me. 
I did have to wait until they were a little calm and run down from playing so I could get them to sit still for this.  The kit makes it very easy to do though.  The ink strips can be used multiple times and come in a bag that you can seal back up for later use.  They even include wet wipes to clean off the "paws" once you have completed the print.  Just as if you were doing this for a baby's foot you have to be sure to clean all the ink off once you are done.
I really love the prints. I am still working with them to get the best paw print possible. It does take some time and patience but the ink strips provided give you plenty of attempts to get the perfect paw print.

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DISCLAIMER - I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review.  No compensation was received for this item. It is based off my own experience with the product. 

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