Tuesday, July 14, 2015


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A few weeks ago we won a $50 gift certificate to by Only Natural Pet in a giveaway hosted by Keep the Tail Wagging and we received our shipment of goodies today. Jaxon and Olivia cannot wait to get their teeth into everything that came in the box. I am going to be dispensing the items slowing and will be sharing with our readers how the pugs feel about them.

The first thing we got to try from Only Natural Pet were the Rocky Mountain Antler Chews. I have been hearing lots of good things about antler chews from other people but I have not purchased any yet because I was not sure how well they would hold up to Jaxon the Chew Devourer. I really have to be careful when giving Jaxon any chew because he always tries to eat it in one piece. If he cannot eat it in one piece he usually aims for a spot to try to remove hunks of it at a time.

I was thrilled at the chance to use the gift certificate to try some new items for the pugs because honestly when you get something for nothing it’s easier to not stress about throwing it away if it is not a good fit than when you spend money on it.

I decided to give the Rocky Mountain Antler Chew a try. I got the pugs a medium size antler as they are about 15 lbs. each and again I rather have something a little too big than too small or Jaxon will inhale it. The medium antlers were about 5 to 6 in. in length and about ½ in. in diameter. Unlike bully or tripe sticks there is NO ODOR at all from these that I could discern. Jaxon and Olivia sure could smell something cause they are were jumping for joy when I took them out the package.

Antler Chew
Antler Chew

ANTLER CHEWS ARE GREAT! I actually got to sit and get some work done without having to pull out the good ole spray bottle to keep Jaxon and Olivia out of trouble. They each took their antlers to a spot and went to town. Jaxon did attempt once to get the antler in his mouth and swallow but after one attempt he did not try that again. They just sat and enjoyed the Antlers for about 30 minutes while I sat on the computer getting some work done. There was one minor scuffle when Jaxon the Pug Thief reared his head and he tried to steal Olivia’s antler. He seemed to think he should lay on hers while he chewed on his. I was able to get Olivia her antler back and Jaxon did take a moment to trade antlers with her. I guess he wanted to be sure they were both top quality. After spent some time getting some work done on my computer I took the chews from the pugs as they were starting to leave them alone but would get territorial if one went to mess with the others. I was so shocked you could hardly tell they have been steadily gnawing on them for the last 30 min. I can see these will be a favorite of mine as I now have a weapon in my arsenal to distract the Crazy Pugs when I need to get some computer work done.

Olivia and Jaxon trying their first Antler Chew!

Rocky Mountain Antler Chews get 8 Paws Up

Get your own Antler Chew at Only Natural Pet

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