Sunday, July 19, 2015


They look sweet and perfect but don't let those faces fool you.

Olivia and Jaxon believe they are the Queen and King of my household. They rule the roost and that is how they like it. But Momma is determined to take charge back or at least some of it.

Olivia and Jaxon are very hyper puppies still and getting their attention can be very difficult. The PetVitalix Dog Whistle comes in very handy to help get their attention focused on me and what I want them to do. It is also helping me work with them and their barking. Right now if a leaf falls outside they are at the window letting it know this is their house and to go away. 

I have begun keeping the whistle on the lanyard around my neck and when they start their barking like crazy pugs I simply blow the whistle to get their attention away from whatever they were barking at. This works wonders to distract them for the car, bike rider or squirrel that cause them to go on a barking frenzy. 
It is still a work in progress but they are learning

It also helps when their playing gets a little too carried away and they look like they may hurt each other. They play a little too rough for Mommy sometimes. 

Jaxon has been the one to respond the best to the whistle so far. It really gets his attention focus on you instead of whatever else he was doing at the time. It has helped me get him to sit easier. I can blow the whistle and he will stop what he is doing and look at me I say sit and he is sitting. Maybe not for long but we will work on that. Getting their attention is a big start.
 What do you want?

Olivia is slow to respond to the whistle. I am still learning the best pitch for her. So I have to adjust it differently when I am working on training with her. The good thing though is for the barking if Jaxon responds by focusing on me she follows suit so I can use one pitch for them both on that.

I can even be in the kitchen and they start barking at something out the window I blow the whistle and it stops and they come and look at me for instruction. Well I say instructions but I think its more like ok where is our treat?
Momma I stopped barking and came here where is da treat?

The one thing I have to warn you about with the whistle is to be mindful.  I have nearly lost it a couple of times.  When I adjust the pitch the screw that holds it together is very sensitive and sometimes while wearing it around my neck the simple movement from me doing things the whistle has come unscrewed. Luckily I was using it and paying attention so I noticed pretty quickly it has came apart and was able to retrace my steps and find the bottom part before it was lost forever. There is also an EBook it comes with is a great guide for dog training tips for using your whistle.

It also comes with a metal capsule that you can put your dog’s name, address and phone number in and attach it to the dog’s collar in case they get lost
Place your doggy's name and contact information on the paper and place on their collar.

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DISCLAIMER – I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review it is based off my experience with the product.

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