Monday, June 8, 2015

Jaxon and The Dodo

Jaxon is our silly little pug. He is always smiling and giving kisses. He is serious about his toys though and has earned the nickname JAXON THE PUG TOY DESTROYER. He is known to rip a stuffed toy to shreds in minutes. He has torn rope toys to shreds in seconds. So with any new toy we often wish it luck before going to Jaxon and keep a close eye on it to ensure nothing is digested. He got a new toy recently, a red Kong dodo bird and he ABSOLUTELY loves it. The dodo bird is a medium size toy and it is made durable and he had trouble picking it up around the bottom the largest section where the main squeaker is located. So he began to knock it around with his head having utter delight in playing Pug Soccer with it and keeping it away from Olivia. Then he discovered what the thought was heaven the dodo bird has a fuzzy tail. He is obsessed with anything fuzzy and will immediately task himself to defuzzy the tail. I quickly grabbed the dodo trying to distract him by showing him that the dodo squeaked. That perked his attention quickly. He grabbed the dodo from me and went about to trying to make it squeak himself. It took a little while but he finally found a position to make the dodo squeak on his own. That started a whole new game for him. He would make the dodo squeak and then he would imitate the sound. I was not sure if he was happy or upset with them sound. Since he kept going back to doing this we assumed he likes the sound. See the video below of Jaxon imitating the dodo bird squeaky. I hope he makes you laugh as much as he did me!
This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge theme is #PLAY and this post is my submission.


  1. Wow he really loves that dodo bird! Great video, it's fun to see the dogs playing and tussling.