Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Several months ago I was surfing the web on information about pugs and any dog related sites to learn as much as I could since I had just gotten my pug and I happened across a link to a new social media site I had not heard of before, PetPav.

 I clicked on it and set about looking around.  The first thing I noticed was it did not want my information but my pet's information. It was a social media site for pets.  I signed Olivia up.  Olivia is the social butterfly of Pug Squared, ok she is a internet hog and only lets Jaxon on sometimes. Immediately after creating Olivia's profile I was greeting by PetPav's creator Sammy.  My first feline friend.  Sammy welcomed us to PetPav and helped us learn to navigate the system.  Olivia quickly made other friends both doggie and kitty and even a couple of Pygmy Goats, Jasper and Moose.   Petpav is a social media site where pets rule and people drool.  Just kidding the pets love their humans but the site is mainly from the pet's perspective.  They do let their humans post once in a while but most of the time its the pets and their personalities shine.
Let's meet the PetPav founder Sammy 
I am 18 1/2 yrs old and love to get into michief.
Olivia asked Sammy a few questions about PetPav

OLIVIA - How did you come up with the name PetPav?
SAMMY - It is short for Pet Pavillion a place that pets and humans can call home
OLIVIA - What made you want to create PetPav?
SAMMY - I found that there was a need in the market for a site that was fun and informational. A    place where pet owners and brag about their pets, get advice from other members and just have fun.
OLIVIA - What are you hoping to achieve with PetPav?
SAMMY - I would love PetPav to be the site where every pet owner feels as if they need to join to get their fix, see their friends, and just have fun. We have vets, dog trainers on the site and would like to see more of this sort of interaction.
OLIVIA - What are some of the challengers you face in managing PetPav?
SAMMY - The challenges are getting some people off Facebook and Twitter and onto Petpav. And, as we have grown the site, we constantly have to tweak it and upgrade the hosting to keep it working right.
OLIVIA - What are some of the rewards you get from managing PetPav?
SAMMY - Every day that I log into the site, I smile as there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our cute members be supportive of one another and brag about their pets. An idea that started on a piece of paper that has grown into a network of pet lovers.
OLIVIA - How do you become a Business of the Week on PetPav?
SAMMY - The pet business of the week is usually reserved for our advertisers and/or sponsors. However, if a new pet business joins and is very active.. they can be Pet business of the week.
OLIVIA - What is one your favorite aspects of the PetPav community?
SAMMY - Petpav is such a nice community of pet lovers. There is very little negativity and any  members that are not kind and respectful of each other is no longer welcome.
Here are a few other members of PetPav
Vlad and Barkly
 a member since Sep 2013 says PetPav is a nice community that supports each other and they get to share similar interests and pet events happening all over.  The community looks out for each other like when Vlad was diagnosed with Addison's disease everyone was there showing love and support.

Jasper and Moose
We love that we can talk to other pet owners and meet new people. We can only post so many goat pictures on Facebook before our friends start going mad! Here, that's the norm!

Dixie and Rebel

loves the interaction with all the group members and seeing photos of everyone. She loves the support from PetPav members. Her favorite group on PetPav is the “Forever Home.” She loves to hear stories of everyone’s gotcha day!

So Pet friends come on over and check out PETPAV. Create a pet profile and join in the fun. Pet Business contact Sammy to see about becoming a sponsor or advertiser and you have a chance to become the BUSINESS OF THE WEEK.  For all the CONTEST LOVING friends they even do contest occasionally.  Come join the FUN! There is still time to ENTER the

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