Monday, June 22, 2015


Jaxon received a collar to try out from TRAIN MY HOUND.  It is a lovely shade of blue that just pops off his black coat.

Jaxon is Spiffy looking now!

Jaxon is not one to like to wear a collar.  He finds them itchy and they bother him. He often scratches at his collars until I remove them.  He knows he has to wear one when we go for walks and will let you put one on him but then scratch at it to be removed after his walk. 

So I got the leashes out to go for a walk and put on the TRAIN MY HOUND collar. It fit Jaxon well and let him room to grow into more.  He is still a puppy after all.  The collar is made of natural cotton and neoprene so it is really soft.  The D ring is securely attached and the buckle snaps securely with a loud click.  I often test this out before even attempting to put a collar and leash on Jaxon as he has pulled a buckle out that did not lock securely.  He may be a pug but he is MIGHTY.

The TRAIN MY HOUND is a great collar.  It is stylish, comfortable yet secure.  Jaxon has not taken begged to have the collar removed yet.  He knows he looks good in it and it feels great on him. 

The TRAIN MY HOUND collar can be purchased on AMAZON HERE
Jaxon received this collar at a discounted rate in exchange for our honest opinion and review. No compensation was received for this review it is based on our experience with the product.  Jaxon did get a treat for posing for photos. .

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