Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Recently, Olivia and Jaxon won an Instagram contest hosted by Lokicorgi. The prize was a Re-play Pet Pod from Re-play Pet.  The pod is a great travel treat, food or water holder.  It is made right here in the USA out of recycled milk jugs.  The pods come in a delightful array of colors. 
Re-Play Pet Pod

The pods screw into the bottom of each other and there is a top.  They come in 2 pod packs but the design allows you to add more to them by simply screwing in another container.  The pods are about __ inches in height each.  The pod holds about 6 ounces. 
Two pods 
The pod is really helpful when I am taking the pugs in the car to carry some treats in and not worry about them getting into them before I want them too.  Jaxon is notorious for getting into treat bags and gobbling up all the treats if given the chance.
Jaxon and Olivia waiting to get into the Pod.

Here is a video of Jaxon trying his best to break into the pod.  He has ripped open many a bag of treats while I was busy taking photos of Olivia or texting on my phone. No more with Re-Play Pet Pods.  His reign of treat thieving is OVER. 

Check out Re-Play Pet on Facebook and Instagram and get yours today at Re-Play Pet.


  1. Love the video!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. i like these, they look very secure and tight. i would have to get 3 b/c i have 3 little girls, i could put water in the bottom and the food in the top. would be good for travel.